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I was answering a question @ on SMTP scripting.  I ran across a couple links I wanted to share.

Programatically configure SMTP service on IIS to route mails to a domain

'SMTP scripting examples.

SMTP Queue Backup Occurs Due to Delivery Threads Attempting to Connect to Unavailable Hosts

Great resource for mail related things

Google is your friend - This is the Google of DNS troubleshooting sites.  The best hands down!


Sample scripts for managing Web sites on Internet Information Server 6.0.

Sample scripts for managing the SMTP mail server included with Internet Information Server 6.0.

IIS7 SDK information

Testing mail with Telnet
Troubleshoot Email, the TELNET way

Configure various items in SMTP Virtual Server

Move MAILROOT folder to another drive

How to programmatically change relay restrictions for SMTP Virtual Server